CovidClue™ Beta test release 0.4
To assist critical infrastructure providers, public health officials, and emergency managers, Resilient Societies developed CovidClue™. COVID-19 infection and fatality data for U.S. states, counties, and metro areas are updated daily. This web app has been funded by charitable contributors to Resilient Societies and is provided to corporations, governments, and the general public as a free service.

COVID-19 Impacts on Critical Infrastructure
The COVID-19 pandemic threatens not just human health, but also the reliability and security of critical infrastructure. Well before infections became widespread in the U.S., operators of electric grid facilities quarantined key personnel and executed other elements of their pandemic plans. For more information on how COVID-19 impacts infrastructure providers, see our paper "Preserving Operational Continuity for Electric Utility Control Rooms During the COVID-19 Pandemic."

Finding Virus Hot Spots and Comparing Trends
​​CovidClue™ allows analysts to quickly identify virus hot spots and compare trends. Get "CovidClued-In" with your own customized reports, graphs, and maps.

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COVID-19 Heatmap by New Cases-7 Day Average on November 27, 2021